Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So Excited...About Cleaning?

I have recently begun experimenting with essential oils (Doterra) mainly to try something natural, and I am also trying to save some money on both cleaning and healthcare needs.  I went to a class back in April to learn about how to use them for ailments and such, and I was recently just invited to a class on how to make cleaning supplies.  I am the person who always researches cleaning supplies to death, and I am trying to clean with natural products to keep my family safe just in case one of them would ingest one of my cleaning supplies.  I do have two boys who seem to like to put everything in their mouths after all!  I can't even tell you how many times we had to call Poison Control for my middle son...After buying completely new "green" cleaning supplies and experimenting with what works I research them to find out that they are not really that great according to the EWG.  (I am obsessed with their website..just a warning.)  So I am stuck with all of these cleaning supplies that aren't really that healthy for my family even though they are supposed to be.  I have been researching healthier alternatives, but I just get extremely frustrated because they are either going to break the bank or they are extremely hard to get.  That is not what I am interested in.  So, it was time to think differently again...

Like I said, I have been using essential oils for my family's healthcare needs so I figured I would try them in some cleaning too.  I began mopping my floors with a vinegar, water, and essential oil mixture.  Not only does my house smell wonderful, but the water is definitely not as dirty anymore as it was when I was using other natural mixtures.   I think the mixture must have really picked up the dirt and now my floors aren't as dirty.  That is saying a lot since I have three kids and two dogs (who like to get in the stream behind our house) running around.  I switch between lavender and lemon essential oils depending on my mood.  I have to say that when I use lavender you will find the boys with their heads in the mop bucket just sniffing away.  It is great because lavender is also a calming oil so that means a great afternoon of napping!  :)  A little aromatherapy is great for the mood too!  I was then invited to this class to learn about how to use them for other cleaning purposes.  I jumped right on that!  The class was very informative, and I was excited because we got to make and take some cleaning supplies.  I came out with my own foaming hand wash and some all purpose glass and surface cleaner.  I also came out with several other recipes for various cleaning supplies.  I couldn't wait to tackle this mirror that I have streaks on no matter how hard I try to get it clean.  I have tried every cleaning supply to try to get the streaks off, but I have just not had any luck.  I sprayed my mixture (vinegar, distilled water, and essential oil) on the mirror, and I wiped away.  Not only did it take the streaks out, but it also got much cleaner than I anticipated.  It was obviously a mess!  I was thrilled.  I then went on to cleaning a lot more than I was going to do, but my house looks so much brighter!  I was skeptical that it would work, but it did.  I am sold!  It is so cheap too.  I am so excited that I can save some money on cleaning supplies now too.  I am really trying here with this whole budge thing!  I will be making my own supplies from now on..including my own hand sanitizer, wood polish, all purpose cleaner, disinfectant, etc. 

I will leave you with three recipes if you want to experiment yourself with trying to make some cleaning supplies that might just save you some money and is safe for your family. 

Floor Cleaner
 4 oz. white distilled vinegar
gallon hot water
3-4 drops essential oil (I use lavender for smell and lemon for disinfecting purposes)

Glass and Surface Cleaner
32 oz. glass bottle (the oils will eat away at the plastic after a while)
Mix equal parts distilled water and vinegar
Add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (I used grapefruit, but my girlfriend swears by lemon)

Foaming Hand Soap
Fill foaming bottle 3/4 full with distilled or purified water
Add 2 tablespoons of Castile soap
Add 1/2 tsp. of Vitamin E oil
Add 10 drops of essential oil (I mixed lavender and lime together, but any scent you like is fine)

Have fun cleaning!