Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let Me Just Introduce Myself...

Hi!  My name is Amanda, and I have recently begun a new journey with my modestly..I have started to see some things that are not sitting too well with me, and I am making a change before it gets to be too late and we start thinking we need to spend tons of money to get more things that we think will make us happy.  I want to ground my kids, teach them responsibility, respect, and to learn to appreciate the people around us instead of the things around us.  This is my journey for you to come along on if you want to make a change too.  It won't be easy, and we certainly won't be living lavishly! 

A little bit about me..I am a stay-at-home mom of three kids on Earth and one in Heaven.  That makes me a babyloss mom too.  That is a whole other journey you can follow me on too at if you are interested in learning about that part of my life!  I have been married to Mike for over ten years now.  We have had a great marriage even if it has been full of heartache and disappointments having been through infertility, miscarriage, and babyloss.  He is teaching me how to budget, which is something I just never learned growing up.  I love cooking, baking, exercising (running, skiing, videos, you name stress release), reading, animals, etc.  I am also a woman who is interested in getting into a bit of farming..yes..I said farming, and when I say farming I mean farm animals.  I have hopes to get some chickens and a goat soon!  We have two dogs that will need to be taught how to treat farm animals, but I figure they will be ok since I have two boys who act like farm animals sometimes.  :)   I want to show myself that I can be happy living modestly because that is not something that our society shows on a daily basis.  Our society makes you feel like the more you have and the better you look will bring about more happiness.  Well..I can tell you that I am the mom in sweatpants just about every day who hasn't had a hair cut in over six months.  I don't mind that so much because my hair is almost always in a ponytail anyways.  I want to be a simple girl who just finds happiness in the simple things.  I also need to state that I am not perfect, will never be perfect, and I really don't know much about anything.  I will probably just be fumbling along and hoping for the best in this endeavor.  For example..I can make something that tastes good, but I can guarantee you that it would never win a prize for presentation!  I might put up some pictures if my internet isn't running at a snail's pace, but do not expect anything fancy here!  Also..don't expect to find ways to save a ton of money here either because that is something I am trying to learn myself!  :)

Losing my daughter taught me a lot about life, and I want to show my family what is really important in our lives.  They need to be shown that the important things are not things.. I am excited to begin this journey, and I look forward to what life is bringing for our modest little family!